Invalid object name 'Groups' when using PSCONFIG

I have been trying to rebuild a development environment recently using DBA created tables.

Every time I ran the PSCONFIG -cmd configdb -create command it ran and then threw an  error.

The error message above was logged.

After looking through the tables, I noticed that some of the tables in both the config db and the config admin db had been created under the user account I had been running the installation under and some had been created under dbo.

There are a couple of SQL scripts in the layouts folder under SQL that are run to create the schemas and here I think is the problem.

Most of the CREATE TABLE statements using the following syntax CREATE TABLE [dbo].[TableName], but there are a few tables in both databases that just use CREATE TABLE TableName.

The error occurs because further SQL script is then referencing [dbo].[TableName], but these tables don't exist under the dbo user schema, so it errors.

The solution is to change the SQL scripts so all CREATE TABLE statements have [dbo]. infront of them. Before you run it again you will need to clear out all the objects from both the databases.

We have some rather quirky database rights in our environment, but the install account and the farm service account both had dbcreator and secuirtyadmin rights and were in the db_owner role for each of the databases. 


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