'Resource not found for the segment' on 'Add a new row' action in Dataverse

The problem

When you use the Dataverse "Add a new row" action in Power Automate and the table you are adding a row to has a Lookup column, you get the following error when trying to run the flow.

 "error": {
   "code": "0x0",
   "message": "Resource not found for the segment '92f9655e-78b1-eb11-8236-000d3a8701b5'."
At first sight, I though you just need to add the ID of the related record.
It's not obvious what syntax you need to use here. Looking at the action parameters and documentation its suggests that you need to use the plural form of the table

I had seen various solutions on blogs and in the Power Users forum that suggested different options


None worked

The Solution

Turns out you need to use a plural version of the table name

 Some people may have come across this by chance, dependent on the naming conventions used and whether the table was being used in a solution

Below is the correct format to use (The guid is the ID for the related record)


 Don't use the plural display name in the table settings

I'd be interested to see if the plural suffixes works for table names as they do for display names (i.e. -s and -es)

This may have been something that's obvious to someone who's come from a Dynamics background, but certainly wasn't to me.