PSCONFIG configdb parameters

Command Line

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but the Microsoft documentation provides this as an example for the above command

–cmd configdb –create
–server servername
–database databasename
–user username
–password userpassword
–admincontentdatabase databasename

I tried running this and kept getting the following error

The -create command is invalid

This drove me made until I removed the "-" from the beginning of the create parameter and then I got the following error

The -server command is invalid

My amazing mind realised that a pattern was emerging and I went ahead and removed all the dashes from the parameters to end up with the following command.

Psconfig –cmd configdb create server servername database databasename user username password userpassword admincontentdatabase databasename

Hey Presto my "SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard" began chugging away